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Topcon - RL-H3A
Warbrick Precision Instruments

You can rely on the RL-H3As self-leveling to provide stable and accurate grade. There are no delicate wires or bearings to worry about. Thats because Topcon combined the Worlds fastest leveling with their patented Liquid Compensation.

- 2,500 ft (600m) operating diameter

- High speed self levelling

- 600 rpm rotation speed (perfect for grade checking and Machine Control applications)

$2,350 CAD
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Topcon - RL-H3C
Warbrick Precision Instruments


$1,525 CAD
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ProShot - L5 Digital 21 Self Leveling Laser
Warbrick Precision Instruments

The L5 is aimed at the professional home builder, room addition contractor, or tenant improvement contractor who wants a self leveling laser. Compensated self leveling means that once the unit is rough leveled, it will automatically adjust for slight vibrations, wind, and temperature expansion or contraction of the tripod. If the unit is disturbed so that it is out of its self leveling range, it will stop functioning until it is releveled. It features a highly visible (635nm) red rotating beam, along with a plumb spot. The plumb spot can be used to transfer points from floor to ceiling, and will provide a 90 degree reference when the laser is in its vertical mode. This product is designed to take you from grading to form setting through interior finish work.

$995 CAD
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ProShot - L4.7 Magnum Visible Beam Compensated Laser
Warbrick Precision Instruments

The L4.7 Magnum is a top choice for commercial concrete and general contractors who also need a highly visible laser for interior alignment. It functions in the same manner as the L4.7, but it sports a high power visible beam and a fixed plumb beam. The L4.7 Magnum self levels via a wire hung compensator, and is manually plumbed and aligned in the vertical mode. The fixed plumb beam is useful for transferring points from floor to ceiling (used with the P1 Plumb Plate), or for turning 90 degree angles. For outdoor work, our R8 laser receiver provides a 2000' working diameter. Review the market for self leveling visible beam lasers and you will conclude that the L4.7 Magnum sets new standards for performance and affordability. 3 Year Guardian Warranty.

$1,595 CAD
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ProShot - L4.7 Self Leveling Compensated Laser
Warbrick Precision Instruments

The L4.7 laser level is an improved version of our time tested standard, the L4. It is the choice of the commercial concrete or general contractor who needs long range and the highest accuracy. This is the preferred instrument for large commercial foundations or large grading projects. In the horizontal mode, it self levels via a wire hung, air damped compensator. It is manually aligned and plumbed in its vertical mode. In its price range, the L4.7 provides higher accuracy, longer range, is the only unit with vertical capability, and features the longest standard warranty of any laser on the market.

$1,495 CAD
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